Spiritual Poem 5 – Happiness Comes

Published on 15 Dec 2016 (ISBN:9791187420064), “Spiritual Poem 5 – Happiness comes.” (Archived 23 Jan 2017) is Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s 5th book on Poetry.

Spiritual Poem 5 – Happiness Comes

In this book, 77 poems and paintings are divided into three themes: <longing>, <life and wind> and <with all of one’s heart>. These poems are written in a simple and pure language, yet contains wisdom that penetrates this world to the next. The book reveals the providence of God through parables, and tells stories about life in a concealed manner.

The poet has been studying the Bible for over fifty years and experienced numerous adversities and passions. The poems are the secrets of life he realized. Above all, the image of the poet pursuing “eternal love” with his mind rings across this world that pursues finite material things and momentary pleasure. Those who read this book will discover the true hope that the poet shares, and together, joyfully gain the light for one’s soul.

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Spiritual Poem 1 – Never Changing Heart

Published on 27 Sep 1998 (ISBN: 8986813041), “Spiritual Poem 1” is Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s first book on poetry.

We feature the first poem in this book, titled “Never-changing Heart.” The poet writes this poem with the heart that never changes as a bride towards the heavens, even if the situation may seem detestable or unfavorable.

Never Changing Heart

I like it, though it is detestable.
I like it, though it is unfavorable.
Would I discard it simply because it’s unfavorable?
Would I forget about it just because it’s detestable?
With rouge on my cheeks and lips,*
On the path of a thousand years I have come, riding on a palanquin,
Never again turning back.

(*Translator’s note: For traditional Korean weddings, the bride adorns herself with rouge on her cheeks and lips.)


미워도 나는 좋아

싫어도 나는 좋아

싫다고 버릴쏘냐

밉다고 잊을쏘냐

연지 찍고 곤지 찍고

가마타고 오던 천년길을

다시는 돌아가지 않으리라

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2016 Providence Sunday Message Titles

As 2016 comes to a close, let us spend some time amidst the festivities to reflect upon this special year.

In Providence, we received precious words daily. The most important are the sunday messages which Pastor Jung Myung Seok writes after deep prayer, and usually after taking action or receiving inspirations.

Week after week, these messages become the bread for our spirits and the light upon our path. We give thanks to the Trinity for these precious words.

2016 was the year of education and raising the level. We hope that all of us indeed learned a lot through the numerous words of education, and raised our levels in various ways in the Lord’s Will.

And here it is… after more than 12hours of video editing, and a year of writing the word… the 2016 Video recollecting the year’s words!

Unraveling the Bible: Providence 30 Lessons

The bible holds the truth, but without a proper understanding, the bible seems to be unbelievable especially in the face of numerous scientific discoveries in our generation. This video presents several common yet important questions within the bible.

We invite you to learn the Providence 30 lessons originating from Pastor Joshua Jung Myung Seok, Providence Religious Movement’s founding Pastor. Drop us a comment!

Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving Day

It has been a week after America celebrated the big Thanksgiving Day. Many families feasted: turkey, ham, stuffings. You name it.

But what is the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day?

Puritans who settled in America gave thanks to God for their newfound nationhood. They survived crossing the Atlantic ocean and the onslaught of their colonial masters. America’s founding fathers built churches before their own homes. To give thanks to God, the Washington Memorial in America’s capital was built, and still stands, as the highest structure. The eastern face on top of the Washington Memorial is inscribed “Laus Deos,” which is Latin for “Give Praise to God.” These words were deliberately inscribed on the eastern face and at the highest point of the capital of America so that the first rays of the rising sun everyday would light up the words “Laus Deos.” On behalf of all of America, giving glory to God.

Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving Day
Laus Deos

Have we inscribed thanksgiving to God into our everyday lives? Do we truly give thanks in all circumstances? (1 Thes 5:18)

In order to truly live a daily life of thanksgiving, just like how America’s forefathers inscribed “Laus Deos” on the Washington Memorial, we must inscribe God’s eternal words into our hearts. Jesus the Messiah said that, “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my Words will never pass away.” (Matt 24:35)

May we stand tall as an eternal pillar in the kingdom of heaven – inscribed with God’s eternal truth, shining as a lamp upon all nations.

That is the true meaning of Thanksgiving, which Pastor Joshua Jung Myung Seok succinctly captures in this spectacular sermon excerpt below:

A Winning Life

“Make God your shepherd and He will surely lead you to quiet waters and refresh your soul.”

Do you face difficult circumstances that may seem impossible to overcome? Make God your shepherd and He will surely lead you to quiet waters and refresh your soul. (Psalms 23)

Pastor Jung Myung Seok describes his experience in Vietnam War and how God led him through the darkest valleys like walking on a single log bridge over treacherous waters. A message that is bound to inspire you! –