The Lord’s Second Coming On the Clouds – Sermon by Pastor Jung Myung Seok

In this sermon, Pastor Joshua Jung Myung Seok preaches about what true boldness is. He also proclaims that the Lord will not literally return on the clouds, although Christianity has preached that the Lord will return literally on the clouds based on bible scriptures such as the following:

After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.

What does it really mean by the Lord returning on the clouds? What does it really mean to be bold? Pastor Joshua Jung Myung Seok will unravel these mysteries in this message.

(Note: English subtitles are available and should be automatically enabled on the video)

Love Poem

A beautiful, moving, and deep poem titled “Love” by Pastor Jung Myung Seok.


Love engraved in a leaf

Falls when the wind blows

Love engraved in sand

Disappears when the wave surges

Love engraved in the heart

Remains even after one hundred years

Love engraved in Heaven

Lasts for eternity

Composed by Pastor Joshua Jung Myung Seok

This original korean poem, english translation and image are released for public use.

Your actions becomes ‘words’ and enter into God’s ears

Simple yet really profound. So often our actions betray our words. This proverb reminds us that our actions are the words that God hear, not merely what we say from our lips.

Providence Style


How do the words of human beings get conveyed to God?

God listens to the words and human beings by looking at the actions of a human being. “Words” of a person can be misleading, but not his actions. For the actions of a man comes from the thoughts of his heart and mind. Like what it is commonly said among people “Your actions speaks louder words”. For God too he sees our actions as spoken words. Additionally, the actions that a human being does will become visuals and God sees them all.

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