Providence religious movement and our founding Pastor, Joshua Jung Myung Seok, has faced numerous trials and persecutions as a result of religious injustice.

Even as he faced a jail sentence of 10 years since 2008, Pastor Jung continued to pray and live a Godly life where he was. He continued writing the word of God even more fervently to teach people how to live the life of the rapture. He also exercise ddiligently to keep healthy in spite of being over 70 years old.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok was put in prison because of false accusations that were without concrete evidences. Based on the mismatching verbal testimonies of 5 women and no concrete evidence, Pastor Jung was convicted a judge who was well aware of the negative reputation caused by sensationalistic media broadcasts.

Providence has been labelled as a cult because our teachings do not conform entirely to the orthodox teachings in Protestant Christianity. This is in spite of the fact that we believe and earnestly follow God, Holy Spirit, and Holy Son. We concretely believe in Jesus as the Messiah sent by God as detailed in the New Testament bible. We also believe that God has raised the level of the Word according to the times.

Jesus brought the Words at the level of “Children,” even though Judaism and society then only spoke of God as a “Master,” and was labelled a heretic, a blasphemer. He even had to carry the cross and sacrifice his life for the generation of people who rejected him.


In a similar vein, Pastor Jung Myung Seok teaches us the Word that raises our relationship to God as a “counterpart,” a “bride-bridegroom” relationship. This is the highest level of love that the bible talks about in Matthew 25 (About the 10 virgins receiving the bridegroom) and Revelations 19:7 (Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.)


This is weird to people who misconstrue this as a physical relationship. However, when seen from the perspective of the bible which has written about this ideal relationship between us and God, and a spiritual perspective, all human beings (men included) should strive to ready ourselves as a spiritual counterpart of God – a bride.

Providence members and Pastor Jung Myung Seok continue to live beautiful and joyful lives of faith, loving the Trinity as our bridegroom with all our hearts, souls and minds. Providence religious movement continues to grow all over the world as God continues to make His history and spread his love through each one of us.


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