“The Message of Life” – Book Series

Pastor Jung Myung Seok published a series of three books called “The Message of Life” which contains writings from his sermons from January 1997 to June 1998 (Book 1), July 1998 – March 1999 (Book 2) and April to September 1999 (Book 3).

The Message of Life 1 (Published 25 Dec 1998, ISBN 9788986813067), The Message of Life 2 (Published 10 July 2003, ISBN 8995266635), and The Message of Life 3 (Published 10 July 2003, ISBN 8995266643) contain the messages about the matchmaker for Christ, heaven’s wedding banquet, spiritual blindness, salvation, the beautiful people who look to God, not looking back after listening to the words, God’s history, repentance, God’s trumpet of the word, three basic faith tenets of providence members, and so on: 78 pieces of writings.

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The Cure for Loneliness – “Heaven and Me” Sermon by Jung Myung Seok

Everyone has experienced loneliness in their lives. You too, I am sure. How do you try to solve that loneliness? By hanging out with friends, or playing computer games, or occupying yourself with something that you like – so that you forget the loneliness?

Pastor Jung Myung Seok did not have such “luxuries.” In a lonely mountain village, he only turned towards God. By learning to make a one-on-one relationship with the heavens, Pastor Jung Myung Seok resolved all his loneliness and his life became filled with hope and happiness. He shares his testimony in this moving message: