A Commander’s Perspective of the Vietnam War and Jung Myung Seok’s unwavering belief in God

Book by COL(RET) Chui Hee Nam
My Blue Days – In the Vietnam Battlefields (Front Cover)

Colonel (Retired) Choi Hee Nam, Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s commander during the Vietnam War, published a book titled “My Blue Days – In the Vietnam Battlefield” on 23rd February 2010 with the Dabit Publishers. It contains a moving personal testimony of his experience in the Vietnam War, and how Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s immense love for God even in the battlefields of the Vietnam War transformed the author. Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s story captured within this book shows that it is possible to live believing and loving God even in the midst of the most terrible ordeal known to man – war.

The book is featured at korean newsdaily | archived 17th Jan 2017 and in the kyobo bookstore | archived 17th Jan 2017.


Front Insert:

My Blue Days – In the Vietnam Battlefields (Front Insert)
Choi Hee Nam
(Affliation at the time of writing: 28th Regiment 1st Battalion 3rd Company 1st Platoon)
Born in Seoul on 8th November 1944.
Joining the military (갑종 199기) – July 16, 1966.
9th Division 28th Regiment 3rd Company 1st Platoon Commander (1st Lieutenant) – May 12, 1967.
9th Division Search Squadron, Platoon Commander (1st Lieutenant, Lieutenant) – April 1, 1967 to May 27, 1968.
1st Airbase, Company Commander (Captain) – April 1, 1970 to January 15, 1972.
21st Division 66th Regiment 1st Battalion Operations Officer (Major) – April 2, 1977 to January 23, 1979.
Water Mechanization Division 201st Battalion Commander (Lieutenant Colonel) -Jan 20, 1982 to October 11, 1983.
Professor of the Staff College, Army University (Lieutenant Colonel) – October 12, 1983 to February 9, 1986.
52nd Division 210th Regiment Commander (Colonel) – 17 December – 13 December 1995

Back Cover:

My Blue Days – In the Vietnam Battlefields (Back Cover)

“There is no coincidence in this world. If there are unbelievable things that we do not know, and that we cannot believe or see with our own eyes, there is a tendency to treat it all as a coincidence. However, these are all things that happened based on cause and effect within God’s will. Therefore, we have to realize how much we do not know or do not know.” Said Corporal Jung Myung Seok.

“Is God so good?” Among the stories I have heard or people I have met since attending services at a cathedral until today, I have not seen anyone who sincerely believed in God like Corporal Jung Myung Seok. Of course, I heard a lot about great holy people who were martyred to keep the word of God among the past believers, but it is a miracle that I met such a man among the battlefields who fought alongside me.

“God is involved from beginning to end. Therefore, we must always be on God’s side.” Corporal Jung Myung Seok said in a clear and definite manner.

Original Korean Excerpt on Backcover

“이 세상에 우연은 없습니다. 다만 우리가 모르 있는, 우리 눈으로 모고도 얼른 믿을 수 없는 일들이 일어나면 그 것을 전부 우연으로 돌려버리는 경향이 있는데 그것도 다 하나님 뜻 안에서 일어나는 원인과 결과의 일들입니다. 그러니 사람이 얼마나 모르고 할아가도 있는지 깨달아야 합니다.”

정명석 상병이 말했다.

“하나님이 그렇게도 좋아?”

나는 성당에 다니면서도 지금까지 만났거나 들은 얘기들 중에 내 앞에 있는 정명석 상병처럼 진심으로 하나님을 믿는 사람을 보지 못했다. 물론 옛 성직자들 중에 하나님 말씀을 지키려다 순교한 위대한 성인들 얘기는 많이 들었지만, 나와함께 전투현장을 누비는 전우들 중에서 그러한 사람을 만났다는 것은 기적이라 아니할 수 없다.

“하나님은 처음부터 끝까지 관여하십니다. 그렇기 때문에 우리는 언제나 하나님 편에 서야 옳습니다.”

정명석 상병이 분명한 어조로 말했다.

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