Spiritual Poem 1 – Never Changing Heart

Published on 27 Sep 1998 (ISBN: 8986813041), “Spiritual Poem 1” is Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s first book on poetry.

We feature the first poem in this book, titled “Never-changing Heart.” The poet writes this poem with the heart that never changes as a bride towards the heavens, even if the situation may seem detestable or unfavorable.

Never Changing Heart

I like it, though it is detestable.
I like it, though it is unfavorable.
Would I discard it simply because it’s unfavorable?
Would I forget about it just because it’s detestable?
With rouge on my cheeks and lips,*
On the path of a thousand years I have come, riding on a palanquin,
Never again turning back.

(*Translator’s note: For traditional Korean weddings, the bride adorns herself with rouge on her cheeks and lips.)


미워도 나는 좋아

싫어도 나는 좋아

싫다고 버릴쏘냐

밉다고 잊을쏘냐

연지 찍고 곤지 찍고

가마타고 오던 천년길을

다시는 돌아가지 않으리라

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