Lamplight of the Sun

Are you walking the path of darkness without knowing where you are heading in life? This book series contains words that give the lamplight that is as bright as the sun, lighting your path and getting rid of fear and darkness.

“Lamplight of the Sun” 해의 등불 is a book series on proverbs written by Pastor Jung Myung Seok published in 2016.  Currently, there are two books in the series. The first is titled “The One Who Goes by the Night asks for a lamp, then you must give him the Lamplight of the Sun.” (ISBN: 9791195506231) The second is titled “Even if the rocks may crumble, my heart will not crumble.” (ISBN: 9791195506224).

“In order to wake up, you must make up your mind and get up at the moment you open your eyes. In the same way, you need to start your work with a strong heart. Then you can do it.” (Proverb – Pg 89)


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