Vietnam War Memoirs

Pastor Jung’s long-awaited memoir of the Vietnam War has finally been translated into english! With glowing testimonials from the Commander-in-Chief of the Korean Armed Forces in Vietnam General Chae Myung Shin, Pastor Jung’s Battalion Commander Colonel Lee Yeong Woo, Pastor Jung’s Platoon Leader Colonel Choi Hee-nam, the memoir is rooted in factual struggles of life and death on the battlefields of the Vietnam War that only those who have experienced it personally will understand fully. Pastor Jung’s personal experience reconciles the irreconciliable : a sincere faith in God that behooves believers to “love thy enemy” vs a cardinal need to kill the enemy to win the war and stay alive.

This is a compelling story of a young man from rural Korea who was conscripted to fight the Communists in Vietnam. Even amidst the suffering and cruelty, there must be a way to turn this war into a battle for love and peace. This story also shows why many people – young and old – follow Pastor Jung as a role model of faith in Providence.

Enjoy the read! (available on

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