4th Taiwan CGM Volleyball Competition

On 15 August 2020, Taiwan CGM organized the 4th “Yingxi Qiangli” Volleyball Challenge” in Houli Junior High School, Taichung City, Taiwan. 15 teams gathered together to participate in the grand event, including Fengdong Junior High School, Chiayi Gaonong and other alumni teams, as well as Dongshi Senior Engineering, Soochow Higher Vocational College, Fengyuan High School, Sun Yat-sen University Department of Medicine.

CGM and Taiwan Christian Missionary Church “Lord and Light Church” specially set up an epidemic prevention station to measure the temperature of the players, and adopted various other measures to create an environment of peace of mind for sports and also contribute to the society’s epidemic prevention.

This year’s special feature was the guest appearance of Chen Song Ping, the “National Enterprise” chairman. Cheng won the “26th Central Region Outstanding Manager Award” in August this year, and was invited to the event to encourage the players: “CGM President Jung Myung Seok once said, playing volleyball is to seize the moment of time and opportunity to hit the ball and score. The same is true in life. Seizing the opportunity and quickly doing what you should do is the secret of success.”

Chen Song Ping, the “National Enterprise” chairman speaking at the event.

Team “Crucial Time” won the men’s championship, while Taichung Women’s Team won the women’s championship.

Participants ranged from high school students to professionals.

This article is translated from the original article in chinese.

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