Do Things as Much as Your Abilities Allow — Wolmyeong dong

Trying to change people, or even yourself, is a huge task. But it is possible.

Take it step by step, like the Israelites entering the land of Canaan and defeating the 31 tribes one, or a few, at a time.

This post below contains the story behind the construction of Wolmyeong Dong‘s Holy Son House of Love, by Pastor Joshua Jung Myung Seok and Providence members. In many ways, the lessons within apply to the construction of our own lives too.

If we persevere and do it with close consultation with God through prayer, we can truly be a grand masterpiece that will shine throughout eternity.

Following the promise I made after the summer retreat in Wolmyeongdong in 2010, the Holy Son’s House of Love was constructed with everyone’s combined efforts.

via Do Things as Much as Your Abilities Allow — Wolmyeongdong

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