“Food” for thoughts: Pork Patty and French Toast Sandwich

Food attracts a lot of attention than most blog posts 🙂 But little did we know that there is much to be realized through food about God too! (read this post to learn how ^ ^)

Providence Path

So I decided to do something different on a Saturday morning. A daywhere most people would rather spend a minute longeron the bed. I chose to force my clumsybody to wake up while resisting the temptation of going back to sleep..andI decided to cook myself a good breakfast, something which I always enjoyed but too lazy to commit nowadays. Haha

“What should I make today?” I pondered for a second.

Then an inspiration came as it whispers in my heart saying “How about theFrench toast sandwiches that all myfriends used to be crazilyin love with?”

“Great Idea” I exclaimed (自己跟自己对话 hahaha!)

So, I headed over to the nearest 24hour supermarket (Yes it was during the dawn hours when everybody else was asleep) and I got myself the ingredients.

And so I would like to share with you all the the recipeof making this sinful yet ULTRA DELICIOUS sandwich, which is…

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