Movie Review: Before the Wrath

“Before the Wrath” (2020) is a must watch for people who want to understand Jesus’ fundamental teachings. It provides an incisive critique of Christian faith today, one which has lost the value of prophecy (although that forms 1/3 of bible scriptures) due to the controversial teachings of ‘day-setters’, i.e. people who had claimed to know exactly when the Jesus’ Second Coming would be.

Hence, although the prophecy of Jesus’ second coming is absolutely fundamental to Christian faith and the most significant promise, few Christians today know properly about the rapture, much less look forward to His coming, because Pastors refrain from teaching about the second coming or rapture to avoid generating controversy.

This movie unravels the context behind Jesus’ teachings, given his Galilean background, and points starkly to the fact that Jesus was referring to Himself coming back as the bridegroom with believers as his bride when he talked about his second coming. This is backed by the fact that Jesus used numerous parables from the galilean wedding, which his disciples understood very well.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok has consistently taught about the need to receive Jesus, as a bride would receive her bridegroom, and how to receive Jesus when he returns. “Before the Wrath” reinforces this message.

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