Spiritual Poem 2 – That Person of Heaven

Published on 1st May 1996 (ISBN:9788986813012), “Spiritual Poem 2” is Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s second book on poetry.

Spiritual Poem 2

We feature a poem titled “That Person of Heaven” that is contained in this book. The poem captures an intimate moment, a personal confession of Pastor Jung to the Holy Son Jesus, that no matter how difficult it was to serve and do God’s work, he will never leave the Lord’s side. Even today, Pastor Jung keeps his promise no matter how difficult the trials are, and teaches crowds of people to live in the same unwavering manner.

That Person of Heaven

How lacking I am

to live serving You.

Living serving You

is far more than I deserve.

You are so high and lofty

and out of my league.

In trying to get close to You

It feels so far, so very far.

Even then, with my body

gazing up to You,

who is thousands of miles away,

so high and lofty,

I will serve You with all my heart, will, and life

Never parting from You eternally.

하늘 그분

당신을 모시고 살기에는

너무나 부족하나이다.

당신을 모시고 사는 일은

너무나 과분하나이다.

당신은 높고 높아서

너무나 벅차나이다

당신을 가까이하기에는

너무 멀고도 먼 거리니이다.

그럴지라도 이몸은

천리나 떨어진 님을

높고도 높은 님을


마음과 뜻과 목숨을 다하여 섬기며

영원히 떠나지 않으리이다.

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